Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How does SEO effect your business?

Businesses online today are marketing differently then two
years ago. SEO professionals can provide suggestive
improvements for your company's website. Some of my
clients are still in the beginning stages of understanding
how the search engines functions and the impact of their
business. Now, I would not expect my clients to know
every detail of SEO but it does help when relating to the
topics of discussion.

We, as web developers and SEO (search engine optimization)
marketers, are expected to relate to the client and track any
changes that might effect a website. The basic underlying
is to continue to expand your topics of interest on your website.
Every business has that "salesperson" that represents the
business and the same is true for your company's website.

The business presence online is the "salesperson". Stop
spending time trying to figure out if a banner ad will send
potential clients to the site or linking to other website and
begging for link partnership. What's most important is
content that is relevant to the your business. When new
or recurring visitors reach your website, they are only
interested in information relevant to the topic that they
initially searched.

Now, that's not to say don't plan these marketing
projects, but it should not be the first market initiative.
Content plays a huge role in how a client finds your
business and your connection to a sale. The search engines
will always continue to evolve, but the basics are always the same.
But as developers, we need to continue to provide you with the
information you need to make smart business decisions.

Are you?