Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Your Website Traffic & Google Ranking

Website traffic can mean the number of hits the site receives, number page views, or the number of unique visitors to one site. All of these can increase over time. Some individuals want to increase web traffic while others want to increase page views by keeping the visitor or potential customer on the site longer. One of the most important steps of increasing traffic is SEO (Search Engine Optimization). This involves the development and proper use of appropriate keyword phrases that describe your website business.

You probably know your competitors in your local area. However, knowing your competitors locally is different from knowing online competitors based on appropriate keywords phrases. This consist of several relevant keywords phrases.

Important to the process of increasing website traffic is to avoid individual keywords like "boots" or "jeans". They are simply too competitive in the online market. Just searching for the term "boots" in Google, you are competing against 105,000,000 with this particular term; whereas, searching for more a specific term such as "Justin Boots" reduces the number of competitive searches to 1,280,000.

Understanding what your online customers needs are and how they search for a particular business is no different than someone walking in your store. When a client wants something, they are going to ask for it by name brand, this is true of online searches. Knowing some of the terms that are most frequently used will give you the advantage online.

But -- here's the hint, you're better off defining your terms in order of importance like primary terms, secondary and tertiary. This can help direct marketing of the site when creating Pay Per Click ads or writing specific content based on those terms. The frequency of the keyword phrases on the page, how often a term appears in a page title, meta keywords words, using them in alt tags and headers give you the edge in optimization.

Every unique and re-visit must be treated as potential prospect. Increasing your website's popularity is essential to improving website traffic. Updating the website on a regular basis, maybe include a blog article area for regularly updated information based on the terms are most searched, can increase your visibility.

"This was based on the new website for The Barn Online www.thebarnonline.com. They have been in business locally for over 30 years and Designedbycarla is structuring an online marketing strategy to improvement search results".