Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Focus - Is the New "It" Word

I have serious projects and real productive work, and completing these task gives me the highest of satisfaction. With Facebook, Twitter, phone conferences, email and searching for the latest technologies, its a wonder that these daily task are accomplished. It tends to take a huge amount of my time through out the day; but if I was not a productive producer, then I would never be able to manage my own business. Sure, there is more on the list than I can complete in one da,y and yes there is always interruption, but I try to stay "focused".

I realize that with the economy in "recession", it has been very hard to say "No" -- but we all struggle with that word. So, my work load is bigger. I realize that this still can be done. All I need to do now, is "refocus" and re-organize my daily task. Sometimes it can be overwhelming when none of the daily task are accomplished and I feel like I am working in circles.

Multitasking is such an easy term to identify with ourselves that we seem to short change the task that we accept. So, I decided to "focus" the first 90 minutes of day to the major projects on my list for the day. That means; no email, phone, or social media blogging and eliminate any outside distractions. Now, I am not perfect but it seems to get the job done, and at the end of day I write down the next day's tasks so it keeps me "focused".

Being productive means I handle more projects and improve self-discipline because it's quality, not quantity that creates the bond with your client.