Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Do You Know?

by Scott Jemison

Beware of any professional, SEO or otherwise, who is unable or unwilling to answer your questions. Recently we had a client who wanted us to justify why we were making the changes we wanted to make. I, for one, have no problem with that.

SEO, or Internet Marketing or PPC Advertising or any variation thereof, is not magic. If you are working with a consultant who is reluctant to discuss the rationale behind decisions or can't explain the intended effects of a certain technique, beware! There should be no "smoke and mirrors", only action and reaction.

I never mind explaining myself to a client. In fact, I enjoy it. I appreciate their interest and applaud their curiosity. This is a client who will appreciate your knowledge and your work. A client who is willing to sign a check and cross their fingers will too often be led blindly to the well.

Admittedly, the world of internet marketing is in a constant state of innovation and flux. It is built around secrecy and besieged by those who would sieze any opportunity to "game" the system. It should therefore be the commitment of all internet marketers to professionalism and transparency.

Be willing to say why. Be able to say how. Be ready to outline the test metrics and Analytics stats that will determine success or failure. In the beginning it may be costly and irritating to "explain yourself" but the trust you will build will be invaluable.