Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Content with your Content

By: Scott Jemison
Contributing Writer

Are you satisfied with the content on your website? Do you feel confident that it accurately communicates your business? Are you content with your content?

You shouldn't be. Your content should be constantly growing and expanding. Stale website content is a quick ticket to the bottom of the SERP's. It is vital to periodically update your content.

Provide your visitors with new information and insight about products or services. Publish news about changes at your company; new employees, new locations, new services.

Consider adding a blog to your site. A blog allows you to regularly add content to your site for the search engines to find. And, blogs give your business a personal voice and an opportunity for customers to respond. You can get valuable insight into the wants and needs of your customers through blogging or a forum.

The important thing is to add fresh content to your website as often as possible.